Continuous Professional Development

CPD Overview

The business world that HR professionals operate in today requires that all employees at all levels continue to develop their knowledge and skills in line with changing best practices and developments in their industry. Certified HR Professionals take charge of their own development, and manage this to ensure that skills and knowledge are updated regularly.

The role of the Institute is to foster, facilitate and promote professionalism amongst CIHCD Certified HR Professionals in the industry. The launch of a formal CPD program by the Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development, USA is a tool by which Certified HR Professionals can use the guidance that is provided by the Institute to manage their own CPD and gain formal CPD status as accredited by the Institute.

What is CPD?
Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which professionals maintain and enhance their knowledge and skills. The world is moving ever faster so ongoing CPD is essential to support you in your current role as well as help you with career progression. CPD is all about upgrading knowledge, skills, and capabilities to remain effective and compliant.

You are already likely to be participating in learning activities that contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development without realizing it. Almost everything that improves your knowledge and skills is considered CPD. Use the CPD of the Institute to gain recognition for your learning.

The launch of this formal CPD program by the Institute is a tool by which Certified HR Professionals can use the guidance that is provided to manage their own CPD and gain formal CPD status accredited by the Institute.

A continuous process of acquiring new knowledge and skills throughout one’s professional life. As undergraduate and postgraduate education is insufficient to ensure lifelong management learning, it is essential to maintain the competencies of management, to remedy gaps in skills, and to enable professionals to respond to the challenges of rapidly growing knowledge and technologies, changing needs, and the social, political and economic factors that impact on the practice of business management.

Continuous Professional Development Standards

1. Maintain a continuous, up to date and accurate record of CPD activities.
2. Attend official CIHCD CPD learning events
3. Demonstrate evidence of further training and development that is relevant to your job role and update your own skills
4. Demonstrate evidence of prior learning and experience in your HR discipline, where relevant
5. Demonstrate evidence of further research in areas related to your HR discipline, where relevant
6. Attain the required level of CIHCD CPD points on a yearly basis

This will mean that the individual must be a member of the CIHCD and maintain an accurate record of CPD activities which will be a combination of mandatory activities that members are required to attend in order to gain CPD accreditation and other activities decided by the individual that enhances and improve their own skills and knowledge in line with what their professional job role demands.

How to Record & Log CPD Points
1. Members maintain a yearly PDP (professional development plan/record) which outlines all CPD targets/achievements for the year.
2. Members are responsible for recording and logging their own CPD points.
3. Members are required to submit achievements on an annual basis on the PDP provided.

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