Types of Membership


The Institute welcomes and seeks to attract applications from  students, who will normally be registered, on a full-time or part-time basis,  for one of the Human Resources related qualifications or business related qualifications.


Affiliate members are for undergraduate of University or higher institutions of learning and will normally become Graduate or Associate members automatically, by providing evidence of successful completion of their HND or Degrees or other HRM professional examinations and in certain circumstances, employment level in HR firm or industry.

Affiliate members recognizes that for many people, the sense of belonging to, and the ability  to participate in, the work of the institute are all that they require professionally.


Graduate members are for fresh graduates from University or higher institutions of learning. Graduate membership is CIHCD students that just completed our final professional examinations.

Graduate member is ideal if you are just starting out and want to build your HR knowledge, network with other sectors of HR industry professionals and keep up to date with HR best practices issues.

Your CIHCD membership starts here. Graduate membership is the starting point for the higher levels of CIHCD membership or if you are aiming at Associate, Full, or Fellow memberships or sign up now.


To provide membership certificate for those who do not yet qualify for Full membership, the Institute offers Associate Membership. Associate Members must be at least 21 years of age, with minimum of 2 years work experience in Human Resources, Business Administration and Management, Personnel Management, Learning and Development, Industrial Relations, Business Consulting or related areas and having achieved, or be working towards, a relevant professional qualification.

Other relevant professional / vocational qualifications achievement will be taken into account in assessing the membership.


Full membership is open to applicants who has had at least 5 years work experience in Human Resources, Business Administration and Management, Personnel Management, Learning and Development, Industrial Relations, Business Consulting or membership related sectors including at least two years in a position of responsibility at a professional level.AND

2. Possess relevant qualifications such as HND or Degrees
– relevant degree with or without a postgraduate qualification
–  relevant national diploma/certificate
– CIHCD membership examination


3. In the absence of formal qualifications, have demonstrated professional knowledge and experience, or in exceptional cases, by the submission of a written paper, which meets the criteria laid down by the panel of assessors, so appointed for the purpose by the Council.


4. Be fully employed in a professional capacity in HR related education or training, or in a promotional agency, centrally involved with the HR industry or the related industry.

Fellowships are awarded to existing Members (MCIHCD) with a record of  outstanding achievement and competence in Human Resources and Management. As a Fellow, you will be internationally recognized both for your professional standing and the contribution you make to the HR profession. Our Fellows have a strong voice in the sector and we encourage all of senior HR professionals to seek Fellowship status.Fellow is the senior grade and is only awarded to those  who: are 40 years of age or older; have at least 15 years’ experience in one or more sectors of the HR Industry, business organizations, or any other hold or have held a senior position of responsibility in the industry concerned have already qualified as a Full Member and held the status for not less than five years; have demonstrated a record of significant contribution in one or more sectors of the industry concerned or related to the membership for which the application is made.

In exceptional circumstances, where the candidate is deemed to merit enrollment and receives a majority of at least two thirds of these empowered in attendance for the purpose of granting fellowship.

Doctoral Fellow Member is awarded to holder of DBA/PhD or any Doctorate Level Qualifications, Fellow Membership Certificates from similar professional bodies, Master’s degree holders or Equivalent  with a record of  outstanding achievement and competence in Human Resources, Business Administration and Management, Personnel Management, Learning and Development, Industrial Relations, Business Consulting and Management plus at least 20 years of working experience at senior management levels in any fields. As a Doctoral Fellow Member, you will be internationally recognized both for your professional standing and the contribution you make to the HR profession.

The Doctoral Fellow can use DR. before his or her names and FCIHCD.

Apply Now With the Online Application Form

If you have at least two (2) years working experience in the HR field, you have the opportunity of becoming a member of the Institute.

How Its Works

All interested applicant should send their CV to our email: membership@cihcdglobal.us or WhatsApp us on +1 682 5534 367

Step 1: Download and fill Membership Application form and attach your CV.

Step 2: Submit Form and CV to The HR Institute email or scan form, pay-in-slip, and attach CV, and email to: membership@cihcdglobal.us

Step 3: When your application is approved, you will receive a letter confirming your membership.

Step 4: Pay your membership fee as stipulated in your  admission letter.

Step 5: You will receive a membership card

Mode of Payment.

Money may be paid into the account below and pay-in-slip submitted with the completed form.

Downloadable Application Form: https://www.cihcdglobal.us/application-form/

Account Details
Name of Bank:
Account Name: Chartered Institute of Human Capital Development
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Bank Address
Bank of America, NA 222 Broadway, New York, NY 10038

Once again, thanks you for joining us and we look forward to helping you build your professional career, network and knowledge as a practitioner with the best practices in the profession.

Please call or WhatsApp us on +1 682 5534 367 for further details.

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